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  • 2015 Legislative Platform

    Superintendents want Florida to lead the nation in K-12 education. We need legislation that will give us the financial resources and also remove the restrictive obstacles that hinder progress towards that end.

  • Email Pitfalls Course Added to FADSS' Online Risk Management Training Program

    Florida’s public sector has learned that the convenience of new technology communication can come with a cost. While a misspoken word might be denied or forgotten, an imprudent email is permanently recorded, often costing individuals their livelihood, their employers $millions, and both their reputations. FADSS now offers an online course to train staff to steer clear of this dangerous trend.

  • FADSS Online Risk Management Training Course Tackles Public Records Lawsuits

    Complying with Florida’s stringent public records law is a requirement that all district and school staff must take seriously to avoid fines, criminal charges and significant legal costs. FADSS now offers an online course that will prepare all staff to respond quickly and appropriately to any public records request.

  • Florida Education Investment Trust Fund

    The Florida Association of District School Superintendents and the Florida School Boards Association have created the Florida Education Investment Trust Fund (FEITF). Read more

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  • Human Capital: From Transitional to Strategic Session II
    Date: October 5-6, 2015
    Location: Renaissance Hotel, Tampa
  • Developing Superior Teams
    Date: November 9-11, 2015
    Location: Eckerd College, St. Petersburg
  • FADSS Board of Directors Meeting
    Date: December 2, 2015
    Location: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Tampa
  • FSBA/FADSS Joint Conference
    Date: December 2-4, 2015
    Location: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Tampa
  • FADSS Board of Directors Meeting
    Date: January 27, 2016
    Location: University Center Club
  • Winter Leadership Conference
    Date: January 27-29, 2016
    Location: University Center Club, Tallahassee
  • Institute for Administrative Assistants/Secretaries to Superintendents and/or School Boards
    Date: February 3-5, 2016
    Location: Renaissance Hotel, Tampa
  • Human Capital: From Transitional to Strategic Session III
    Date: February 2016
    Location: Renaissance Hotel, Tampa
  • Developing Superior Teams
    Date: March 2016
    Location: Eckerd Colleg, St. Petersburg
  • FSBA/FADSS Joint Conference
    Date: June 9-10, 2016
    Location: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Tampa
  • FADSS Board of Directors Meeting
    Date: TBD
    Location: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Tampa
  • FADSS Summer Board Planning Meeting
    Date: July 21-23, 2016
    Location: Palm Coast, Florida

Florida Superintendents Support Accountability  

News Articles of Interest  

State grapples with how to score new school exams
Orlando Sentinel, 10/6/15

Bay District officials discount test score data, continue FSA criticism
News-Herald, 10/6/15

As the revolt over school testing widens, many in Florida ask: What next?
Tampa Bay Times, 10/5/15

On new public education policy and testing, Florida's state leaders fail again
Editorial, Bradenton Herald, 10/4/15

Romano: Time to throw out Bush-era education reforms
Tampa Bay Times, 10/3/15

Dockery: Parents have little say in education
Florida Today, 10/3/15

"If the state were so concerned with accountability and measurable outcomes, you would think they would be very cautious and judicious in developing a testing instrument that accurately measures learning gains against their standards. You would also think they would field test and validate the test before giving it to our students. And you would hope that they would have load tested the online assessment statewide to work out any kinks in the system. None of this was done."

Big trouble in Florida schools — and it’s not a hurricane
The Washington Post, 10/1/15

Blackburn: No faith in school accountability system

Florida Today Letter to the Editor
Dr. Desmond Blackburn, Brevard Public Schools superintendent

Penalties from FSA scores should take one-year hiatus: Editorial
Orlando Sentinel
, 10/2/15

Public input could help shape 2016 FSA testing
Fox 29 WFLX, 10/1/15

Editorial: Superintendents are right to protest botched statewide test
Palm Beach Post, 10/1/15

Isn’t it time to listen to school superintendents, teachers and parents?
Paula Dockery, Guest Columnist
Tampa Tribune, 10/1/15

Many are not impressed as Florida releases first school test results
Tampa Bay Times, 10/1/15

Florida superintendents offer proposed bill language on accountability
Tampa Bay Times, 10/1/15

Editorial: Confidence lost in testing system
Gainesville Sun, 9/30/15

Editorial: Review Florida’s high-stakes school accountability system
Tampa Tribune, 9/30/15

Florida PTA: Loss of faith in school accountability must be rectified
Tampa Bay Times, 9/30/15

Superintendents right to distrust test scores
Sun-Sentinel, 9/29/15

Florida stands by flawed test scores despite local concerns
Tampa Tribune, 9/28/15

State fails its own school districts
Miami Herald Editorial, 9/28/15
...Their assessment system has lost all credibility with the public and cannot succeed unless its glaring flaws are corrected. Without changes, it’s only going to get worse."

The test has failed

Ocala Banner Editorial, 9/27/15

School Superintendents Have “Lost Confidence” in Florida’s Student Accountability System
FlaglerLive.com, 9/27/15

Superintendents push for break on school grades
TheLedger.com, 9/26/15

Polk County Superintendent of Schools Kathryn LeRoy and other state superintendents have asked the state not to use test scores for school grades or teacher evaluations this year.......“We’re just asking — as we’ve been asking for a long time — can we just pause slightly to make sure we get it right?” LeRoy said.

Dockery: Timeout needed on school testing
Florida Today, 9/25/15

Florida superintendents rebuke school accountability system
Tampa Tribune, 9/26/15

Florida superintendents revolt: We have ‘lost confidence’ in state’s school accountability system
Washington Post, 9/26/15

Superintendents, teachers push state to suspend accountability system
PoliticoFlorida, 9/25/15

Issue 'incomplete' school grades for 2015, Fl superintendents say

Orlando Sentinel, 9/25/15 

..The superintendents recommended that the state:-- suspend using FSA test scores for teacher evaluations or school grades in 2015.-- give all schools an I, indicating grades are incomplete this year. Seven other states have altered their grading systems this year to "mitigate negative consequences" from new tests.....reject the State Board of Education's push to match student performance on the FSA to that of the the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

Superintendents issue rebuke of school accountability system
News 4JAX, 9/25/15

Superintendents:Tallahassee has broken Florida's school grades system
Tampa Bay Times, 9/25/15

Superintendents urge no school grades this year
10News Tampa Bay, 9/25/15

Fla superintendents: We’ve lost confidence in school grade system
Palm Beach Post
, 9/25/15

For Florida superintendents, patience wears thin on school testing problems

Tampa Bay Times, 9/25/15

"The superintendents are united. They are of one opinion, that is they support high standards and high levels of accountability. But they see deterioration of the accountability system," state Sen. Bill Montford, chief executive officer of the Florida Association of District School Superintendents, said Thursday.

Panel: Students face too many high-stakes tests
Gainesville Sun, 9/23/15

Florida accountability laws need 'total rewrite,' Pasco superintendent says
Tampa Bay Times, 9/18/15

"Whether real or perceived, school administrators, district school leaders and, more important, parents and students are not going to have any trust in this assessment system until these issues are fully vetted," Browning told the Gradebook. "The political reality of it is, until people trust the process, until people trust the assessment, we're going to keep having these issues."

Lawmakers say DOE put spin on test study results
Sarasota Herald Tribune, 9/18/15

“I think there is room for professional disagreement here,” said Andrew Wiley, director of education services for Alpine Testing Solutions. “I think there is data, and there’s data in the report, that could be looked at and pointed to that says, maybe the use of these test scores would not be appropriate. And, quite frankly, there was rigorous debate within our group — some people feeling differently and things like that.”

Florida Department of Education Fights Criticisms of FSA Validity Study
Sunshine State News, 9/17/15

Sen. Bill Montford, called the department’s email saying people had misinterpreted the results “offensive.”
“At the risk of one more time saying that the superintendents ... or staff ... have misrepresented the fact, it seems like you may even have some questions too about the report itself.
Senators had many questions for Alpine’s Andrew Wylie, who said the companies were put on a strict timetable to complete the study since it had to be completed in a three-month timeframe.

Doubts grow over Florida's school testing system as senators question new 'validity' study
Tampa Bay Times

"Wariness over a recent study of Florida's school testing system reached a new level Thursday as state senators learned that Department of Education officials had input on at least two drafts of the document."

Proposed FSA cut scores show achievement gap
10News Tampa Bay Sarasota

"The results highlight significant disparities in proficiency among subgroups, mostly between white and black students, and weaknesses in subject areas, specifically high school math. A comparison of FSA to former FCAT cut scores also raise questions about the process behind demarcating achievement levels and, once again, the test itself."

FSA: Florida students took exams, now state working on scoring plan

Orlando Sentinel, 9/9/15

Superintendents fear 2015 school grades will be unfair
Orlando Sentinel, 9/8/15

An inside look at the rocky start to Florida’s standardized school test
Miami Herald, 9/8/15

Lawmakers To Review FSA Validity Study As Educators Remain Skeptical
WFSU, 9/4/15

Editorial: Florida's student tests deserve an F
Tampa Bay Times, 9/2/15

Florida Education Commissioner Pam Stewart called it "welcome news." County school superintendents say it confirms their worst fears about the botched rollout of the Florida Standards Assessments and suggest the test results are worthless. So you read the following annotated excerpts from the just-released $600,000 study by Alpine Testing Solutions of this year's FSA and judge for yourself whether you would trust the test results.

Study sparks more debate over Florida test for students
Miami Herald, 9/2/15

DOE: Review confirms FSA is valid
Pensacola News Journal, 9/2/15

Escambia County School District Superintendent Malcolm Thomas said he is troubled that many students were tested on information they had not been taught. “The validity study of the test for English Language Arts — Grade 3 and Grade 10 — both of which have retention or promotion consequences shows that only 65 percent of the items matched the Florida Standards,” Thomas said. “It’s fundamentally unfair to have one-third of the assessment made up of questions from material that teachers have not taught.”

Education Officials, Teachers Concerned FSA Content Not Totally Aligned to Florida Standards
Sunshine State News, 9/2/15

"A significant chunk -- 33 percent -- of the state’s English Language Arts (ELA) content didn’t match with the Florida standards (see page 36 of the report). Twenty percent of the 10th-grade ELA content didn’t measure up, either. The study asked a panelist of veteran teachers to match test content with the "intended standard." Often times, panelists chose different standards than the originally intended ones. For seventh-grade math, 21 percent of the FSA’s content didn’t match Florida standards. Alpine recommended Florida phase out Utah-aligned test items."

Study: FL tests valid, but not as decider in high-stakes decisions
Sun-Sentinel, 9/2/15

The authors concluded that using the scores for "student-level" decisions – those high-stakes at the heart of testing opposition – "will be suspect" for some students who took the computer-based exams.Therefore, the report said, test scores should not be a "sole determinant" in promoting a student, deciding whether he or she can graduate or be placed in a remedial course.

Study finds flaws in Florida's computerized testing, but state will use the results anyway
Tampa Bay Times, 9/1/15


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