Florida Association for District School Superintendents

  • 2014 Legislative Platform

    Superintendents want Florida to lead the nation in K-12 education. We need legislation that will give us the financial resources and also remove the restrictive obstacles that hinder progress towards that end.

  • Email Pitfalls Course Added to FADSS' Online Risk Management Training Program

    Florida’s public sector has learned that the convenience of new technology communication can come with a cost. While a misspoken word might be denied or forgotten, an imprudent email is permanently recorded, often costing individuals their livelihood, their employers $millions, and both their reputations. FADSS now offers an online course to train staff to steer clear of this dangerous trend.

  • FADSS Online Risk Management Training Course Tackles Public Records Lawsuits

    Complying with Florida’s stringent public records law is a requirement that all district and school staff must take seriously to avoid fines, criminal charges and significant legal costs. FADSS now offers an online course that will prepare all staff to respond quickly and appropriately to any public records request.

  • Florida Education Investment Trust Fund

    The Florida Association of District School Superintendents and the Florida School Boards Association have created the Florida Education Investment Trust Fund (FEITF). Read more

Empowering Effective Teachers
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Common Core for District Staff
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Common Core for
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  • FSBA/FADSS Joint Conference
    Date: June 11-13, 2014
    Location: Tampa, Florida
  • FADSS Board of Directors Planning Meeting
    Date: July 20-22, 2014
    Location: Palm Coast, Florida
  • FADSS Fall Leadership Conference
    Date: September 24-26, 2014
    Location: Renaissance International Plaza - Tampa, FL

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American Students Ahead of the Curve on PISA Problem Solving Scores
The Journal

In data released today from the 2012 international assessment, on average 15-year-old students from the United States showed a greater degree of proficiency in problem solving, in particular on tasks for which they are required to uncover information in order to solve the problem, than their peers from other countries.

Equalize Charter, District Schools
The three schools with the least similar demographics to the county also dismiss students for grades and low Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test scores.

Lakeland Ledger Op-Ed

Miami Schools Chief: Selection Of New Test Is ‘Insufficient’

Florida Educators Face Unknown Destination As They Wait On Test Decision

....But Pasco County Assistant Superintendent Amelia Van Name Larson said the late decision is one reason why the state should temporarily suspend using test results to determine school grades and teacher ratings during the transition. Van Name Larson agreed with a state superintendents association plan — which is also supported by the Florida PTA.

Florida Senate panel takes steps to simplify school grading formula
Tampa Bay Times

St. John's County Superintendent Letter to Teachers re: Release of VAM data

Montford files a time out bill for school grades
Miami Herald Blog

Editorial: Get grades right
Gainesville Sun

Our Opinion: Lawmakers address school grades
Tallahassee Democrat

Florida School Superintendents Sound Off On What They Want From Legislature In 2014

Editorial: Florida schools need to hit pause on test plan
Tampa Bay Times

Want to Look Great on Global Education Surveys? Test Only the Top StudentsBloombergBusinessWeek

Ranking the states on NAEP – while taking socioeconomics into account
Bridge to Tomorrow

Study: Poor children are now the majority in American public schools in South, West
The Washington Post

Issue Analysis: Common Core
Ten Questions and Answers about “Common Core Standards”

The James Madison Institute

What A School Grade Means To Parents
StateImpact Florida

"A school grade, in no way, accurately conveys the quality of education provided to children. There is no emphasis on critical thinking skills, creativity, ethics, logic and an appreciation for learning."

Researcher: Florida District Schools Outperform Charter Schools On Average

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