Florida Association for District School Superintendents

Mission Statement  

The mission of the Florida Association of District School Superintendents is to assist and support superintendents in providing leadership to ensure that every student in Florida acquires the skills, knowledge and attitude to be contributing members of our democratic society through leadership development programs focused on student achievement, building relationships with business and governmental leaders, and communication and networking services.


The goals of the Florida Association of District School Superintendents are to:

  • Significantly influence the development and implementation of the best possible education practices in the school districts of Florida.
  • Assist superintendents in implementing those practices as well as in meeting requirements established by law and regulations.
  • Enhance the professionalism and image of Florida superintendents as the Chief Executive Officers of Florida school districts.
  • Ensure that superintendents are well informed on current issues and on the plans and actions of State government (executive, legislative, and judicial).
  • Promote opportunities for collegial support and fellowship among superintendents in Florida.
  • Provide a forum through which superintendents can address State and Federal decision makers on matters which directly impact the membership and the quality of education in their districts.
  • Strengthen the statewide influence of superintendents by developing among them consensus on vital issues, accommodating the points of view of superintendents who are both elected and appointed; from large districts and small districts; and from rural, urban, and suburban areas.
  • Provide a variety of training and developmental experiences for superintendents for their continuous professional growth.