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 Data Analytics for K-12 Education

The Qlik Platform is an easy-to-use, self-service analytics solution designed to place advanced analytics in the hands of everyone in an organization, from technical professionals to business executives, and to assist institutions challenged with analysis across disparate data systems. By leveraging the Qlik Platform, K-12 school systems can make more informed decisions utilizing all the data they collect on their students, teachers, faculties and programs, with the end goal of a successful student body.

How Other K-12 Organizations are Leveraging Qlik

  • ENROLLMENT – holistically understand characteristics of enrollment across school districts

  • PERFORMANCE – analyze classroom performance and provide assistance to those in need

  • EVALUATION – evaluate attendance, behavior and academic data to identify areas of need at the Student, Class and School level

  • SCHOOL SAFETY – understand risk factors for potential school safety emergencies

  • OPTIMIZATION – optimize bus routing

  • EMBEDDED ANALYTICS – share public-facing school data in an interactive format on the school website

  • PREDICT – proactively predict the likelihood of a student dropping out in the future


QLik Customers  

Beginning at the District level, drill all the way down to an individual classroom to understand which students are not performing as well as their peers, all with the click of the mouse or touch of the finger. 


Obtain a 360 degree view of a struggling student and quickly identify potential causes such as a high number of absences or any disciplinary problems.


Utilize Qlik’s advanced mapping technology to proactively identify registered tutors around an underperforming student’s home for any subject.Match any student to a tutor for more personalized education outside the classroom. 

Chart 3

K-12 Education

Drill down to an individual school and see how students are answering specific test questions on standardized tests.Educators can now analyze why the majority of one classroom answered Question 1 correctly, but another classroom did not.

 Chart 4 

Every Qlik visualization and dashboard can be directly embedded into an existing website, giving the public the ability to interact with Qlik and drill into the information they want to see.

Chart 5

For more information on Loudoun County Schools and how they leverage Qlik analytics to improve academic success, please read the story in TechTarget.

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