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Istation is an award-winning comprehensive e-learning program used worldwide by more than four million students, including over 397,000 in Florida. Known for its accurate assessments, engaging curriculum and trusted teacher tools, Istation helps students from prekindergarten to 12th grade achieve academic growth.

Istation’s computer adaptive assessments (known as ISIP™) are quick and accurate. An entire class can be evaluated in about 30 minutes. ISIP immediately places students on personalized instructional paths unique to their needs. Research-based curriculum targets specific skills. Everything is delivered through engaging, game-like animation that teaches students while they play. Experience it for yourself in our interactive guide.

Istation delivers proven results! Research shows students who use Istation Reading and Reading en Espanol achieve significantly greater growth in reading ability versus non-users.

Along with its highly interactive digital curriculum, Istation provides teachers with access to thousands of lessons perfect for instructing small groups or an entire class. Comprehensive and easy to navigate progress reports are immediately available for educators, administrators and parents. Within seconds, Istation provides a precise snapshot of a student’s individual performance.

Istation offers its ISIP assessment in Early Reading, Advanced Reading, Reading en Español and Math. Istation instruction is available in Reading and Writing, Reading en Español, and Math. Students can also use their Istation subscriptions at home.  

Istation is correlated to Florida state standards for Kindergarten through 5th grade and for 6th through 8th grades.

Istation works on many platforms, including iPads and Chromebooks. Istation’s Reading Assessment app was named 2015’sBest Educational App for a Mobile Device. Istation was also named BestEducational Software for both upper and lower elementary reading programs in 2015 and 2014.  

Istation is built by teachers, for teachers. Collectively, Istation employees have logged more than a thousand years of classroom experience. Istation partners with campuses to design customized training and professional development, and then offers continuing implementation support for educators. Watch stories straight from the classroom about the many ways Istation is helping students learn and teachers teach.  

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