Florida Association for District School Superintendents

Specialized Studies  

FADSS also conducts specialized studies for school districts using a similar methodology but with a focus on a particular component of the school district operation.

Specialized Studies include the following:

  • Economic Recovery Plans - The Economic Recovery Plan service provides the Superintendent with an analysis of economic conditions, a recovery plan, an implementation plan, and a monitoring plan.
  • Targeted Studies - FADSS conducts targeted studies designed to meet the specific needs of the requesting school district. FADSS has conducted studies in the following areas:
    • Financial Management Study
    • Technology Study
    • Human Resources Study
    • Teaching and Learning in High Schools
    • Other Areas as Requested
  • Statistical Studies - FADSS will compile statistical data on a wide range of district operations for a district and do a comparative analysis to other similar districts as well as the state average. Examples, of Statistical Study Components include the following:
    • Staffing 
    • Resources
    • Expenditures
  • Specific Assistance Requests - FADSS will provide assistance to school districts based on specific requests.