Florida Association for District School Superintendents

Specialized Studies  

FADSS also conducts specialized studies for school districts using a similar methodology but with a focus on a particular component of the school district operation.

Specialized Studies include the following:

  • Economic Recovery Plans - The Economic Recovery Plan service provides the Superintendent with an analysis of economic conditions, a recovery plan, an implementation plan, and a monitoring plan. Initiating the recovery plan requires:
    • A letter of request from the superintendent and a financing agreement
    • A copy of district financial reports
    • Selected personnel and payroll data
    • A copy of the most recent Auditor General Report
  • Academic Recovery and Enhancement Plans - The Academic Recovery and/or Enhancement Plan provides the Superintendent with the following:
    • An analysis of academic conditions
    • A plan for recovery and enhancement
    • Monitoring implementation of the plan on a district-wide or by school basis
Initiating an Academic Recovery Plan and/or Enhancement Plan requires the following on the part of the Superintendent:
    • A letter of request and financing agreement
    • FCAT and other student achievement data
    • School improvement plans
    • Academic programs, procedures manuals, and documents
  • Organizational Climate Surveys - In an Organizational Climate Survey, FADSS applies proprietary survey instruments to predetermined cohort groups (e.g. administrators, staff, teachers, students, parents and community) in the district and then collect, analyze, and disaggregate the data. The Superintendent receives a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations.

    Initiating an Organizational Climate Survey requires the following on the part of the Superintendent:
    • A letter of request and a financing agreement
    • Identification of cohort groups to surveyed
  • Targeted Studies - FADSS conducts targeted studies designed to meet the specific needs of the requesting school district. FADSS has conducted studies in the following areas:
    • Financial Management Study
    • Technology Study
    • Human Resources Study
    • Teaching and Learning in High Schools
    • Other Areas as Requested
  • Statistical Studies - FADSS will compile statistical data on a wide range of district operations for a district and do a comparative analysis to other similar districts as well as the state average. Examples, of Statistical Study Components include the following:
    • Staffing 
    • Resources
    • Expenditures
  • Specific Assistance Requests - FADSS will provide assistance to school districts based on specific requests.