FADSS Annual Business Partner Program

Interested in Becoming a FADSS Business Partner!

Thank you for your interest in the Florida Association of District School Superintendents (FADSS) FADSS Business Partner program. FADSS is the preeminent professional organization for Florida education leaders. FADSS Partner Program and Conferences differ quite a bit from other education conferences, so let’s start with an overview of FADSS, our Business Partner Program.

FADSS membership consists solely of Florida’s 67 district school superintendents. Only registered business partners and superintendents attend FADSS Conferences. FADSS Business Partner Program is designed to afford companies that provide products and services to school districts an opportunity to network with our membership through one of the two partnership tiers:  Annual and Associate.

FADSS values the companies that support FADSS and Florida superintendents and view it as a two-way partnership – a philosophy and attitude that starts at the top with FADSS CEO. In fact, we do not use the term vendor; we only use the term partner.

Because we do allow all registered business partners (Annual and Associate) to be “in the room” during the conference in an observatory capacity to listen and learn alongside superintendents, as well as have breakfast and lunch with them; we limit the number of business partners that can attend a FADSS conference. Thus, interest in attending does not guarantee registration. Additionally, have an optional Business Partner Showcase, which is a very low-key exhibit component that is built into the agenda during the two-and-a-half-day conference.

For more information about FADSS Business Partner Program, please contact Diana Oropallo.

Corporate Sponsorship Guidelines

  • The purpose of all sponsorships must be compatible and consistent with the mission and focus of FADSS.
  • The image, ethics and reputation of the sponsoring corporation must be compatible and consistent with the philosophy of FADSS.
  • FADSS is fully involved in the development of the sponsorship program and reserves the right to exercise policy control over marketing and communications.
  • FADSS is not obligated to support products, programs or activities of the sponsoring corporations that are perceived to be not in the interest of the members of FADSS.