This training will provide background and information regarding Florida’s ethics laws sufficient to satisfy the requirements set forth in section 112.3142, Florida Statutes. You will receive 4 hours of training on ethics that addresses Article II, Section 8 of the Florida Constitution, the Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees, and the Government-in-the-Sunshine provisions in Chapters 119 and 286 relating to public records laws and public meeting laws.


Nothing in this document, training materials, or presentation is designed to render a specific legal opinion or other professional opinion. Due to the rapidly changing nature of the law, information contained in this training program may become outdated. The analysis of any ethics issue is fact based, and therefore a proper legal opinion may only be rendered after careful analysis of specific factual circumstances. As a result, any individual using this document and training materials as a reference should always research original sources of authority and update information to ensure accuracy when dealing with a specific problem or issue, or consult legal counsel to render a specific opinion as to a specific issue. In addition, applicable rules and opinions of the Florida Commission on Ethics and School Board Policies should be reviewed. In no event will the authors or presenters be liable as a result of the use of these materials or participation in the training. This document and training materials are not exhaustive of all issues or cases that may impact an ethics issue.

Training Materials

2023 Ethics Training Manual 


FADSS Introduction and Disclaimer



FADSS Ethics Case Studies - Part 1



FADSS Ethics Case Studies - Part 2



FADSS Ethics Case Studies - Part 3



FADSS JeoParody



Below is a link to a fillable certificate of completion that will serve as your training confirmation. This certificate does not have to filed with the Florida Commission on Ethics or FADSS, but should be maintained in your records and used to "check the box" on your Form 6 or Form 1 for 2023.

2023 Ethics Certificate of Completion