How Classroom Audio Helps Learning Equity

Can your students hear what’s said in class?

As sound travels, the intensity of the sound wave decreases by 6dB for every 3 feet it moves away from the speaker—this is known as the inverse square law. Without a classroom audio system, a teacher’s voice will taper below the maximum allowed classroom background noise volume of 35 dB, making it difficult for students to hear instruction, depending on where they sit in the classroom.  

What about a “teacher voice”? The problem is that using a louder voice can be perceived as yelling by some students, especially those right by the teacher. Speaking louder can also affect intelligibility and is a greater strain on a teacher’s energy, stamina, and voice. It can become a problem for both teachers and students.


Luckily, the solution to overcoming the inverse square law and making learning more equitable is simple and has been around for years: Classroom Audio Systems! Putting Audio Enhancement’s XD microphone on the teacher defeats the inverse square law, bathing every student in the classroom in crystal-clear audio.


Installed classroom audio solutions:

  • Distribute the teacher’s voice throughout the classroom, giving every student an opportunity to hear and learn.
  • Allow teachers to talk in their natural voices, decreasing vocal strain and boosting teacher energy
  • Give every student the opportunity be heard with a student microphone  

Check out the benefits the school districts in Osceola and Indian River Counties have found utilizing our equipment via this YouTube link.

When 70% of learning is auditory, learning begins with hearing!  

Audio Enhancement, Inc. was started by Claudia Anderson, a mother who was searching for a way to provide an equitable education for her two deaf sons. She designed a sound system for their classrooms and quickly discovered that all students could benefit from audio enhancement.

Hear her story and learn more about Audio Enhancement’s history from the perspective of the Anderson family HERE.