Research-based programs to stabilize learning loss and rebuild confidence and fluency

HMH’s hybrid, flexible approach meets all students’ needs. When a student is one or more grade levels behind or needs help with specific strategies, evidence-based reading and math intervention programs offer teachers additional support. Our solutions meet your students where they are and address the needs of the whole student.

Read 180 Gets Results

Read 180®, for students in Grades 3–12, is the only program to earn a top rating on the U.S. Department of Education’s Striving Readers Report. With this reading intervention curriculum, based on 20+ years of research, students can gain up to two years’ worth of learning in one year.

As the leading reading intervention programRead 180® helps students who are two or more years behind become active, accomplished readers. By bringing teachers, families, and adaptive technology together, it meets students on their unique paths to provide a truly personalized experience.  Explore Read 180 

Math 180 ensures students who struggle that success is possible

For students working to gain ground who are two or more years behind in math, time is of the essence. Reteaching every partially developed concept or skill is simply not possible or effective.

Math 180® is an engaging and motivating digital math intervention program with flexible print for students in middle school who need to build foundational skills to close skills gaps and to successfully transition to Algebra. 

Proven to improve math scores by 2+ years in one school year!


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Supplemental Programs

Whether your goal is to close learning gaps or to enrich advanced learners, HMH® goes beyond core solutions, providing the right supplemental curriculum to boost student outcomes.  

Would you like to see your students' reading proficiency rates increase 30% in one year and 44% over two years?  

Hear from Montgomery, Alabama school principal, Jaclyn Brown Wright on how she is accomplishing these dramatic improvements in her school.

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