Enhance District Performance and Promote Student Well-being and Engagement with Sodexo’s Quality of Life Services  

By focusing on Quality of Life services, we reinforce the overall experience of a student’s educational journey, which improves our partners’ effectiveness and performance.  

To impact Quality of Life, we put each student’s experience at the core of our work. Our offers are built with a focus on delivering solutions that keep people healthy, safe and productive while also enriching the learning environment.

Energy Management: Imagine putting as much as 30% (or more) of your facility utility budget back into your bottom line. Our energy services turn energy spend into revenue enhancement.

Facilities Management: Preserve and optimize the performance of your valuable capital assets throughout your district with our preventive maintenance programs, plant optimization and engineering resources.  

Grounds and Landscaping: Studies have shown the powerful effects clean and aesthetically pleasing grounds can have on student engagement, staff morale and community pride. Our grounds experts are nationally recognized for their abilities to transform average school grounds into safe and inviting environments.  

Security: With the increase in reports of violence in schools, concerns over security have heightened among teachers, parents and students. Sodexo’s NANA Management Services brings more than 40 years of experience in providing security services to help partners achieve a safer and securer environment while reducing costs.  

Nutrition and Wellness Education: To further support wellness programs and improve student health, we have partnered with the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab to develop an approach that encourages students to select, eat and enjoy nutritious foods. We also provide various fun and informative programs for students, teachers and parents to educate them on how to create and eat healthy meals and to increase awareness of the benefits of eating nutritious meals.

We Are Florida

152 Partnerships
– Number of people we employ in the state $130M – Total spend with state businesses company wide
Local sourcing
– We purchase products from 798 in-state suppliers, and 118 of these suppliers are MBE/WBE businesses.

To learn more about how we can enhance the Quality of Life in your district, please contact Ron Gomez at (415)760-4559 or e-mail ronaldo.gomez@sodexo.com.