Training Institute for Administrative Assistants and Secretaries to Superintendents and/or School Boards

Leaders need the support and assistance of key personnel in the district to be the most effective. Secretaries and administrative assistants to superintendents and school boards are integral to the success of a superintendent’s leadership. The leadership development program provided by the Association recognizes this important fact and provides training for these key personnel once a year.

Organization and Management Reviews and Special Studies

An Organization and Management (O&M) Review uses a systems approach to studying a school district. The O&M Review is designed to assist a school district in its efforts to enhance student achievement by ensuring that all aspects of the system are focused on supporting and assisting schools in their efforts to improve student achievement. Rather than viewing the district as a sum of its parts, a systems approach looks at how the respective parts fit and work together. The O&M Review assists districts in discovering the interrelationships of what appear to be separate functions at the district level so that they can capitalize on the synergistic effect of all areas working together to assist schools. The Review process focuses not on the improvement of a particular function for the good of that function, but on the improvement of specific functions for the enhancement of the total school district.

The O&M Review is a collaborative process between the school district and a selected team of educators representing expertise in all areas of education, leadership and management. Research indicates that an outside team can be helpful by providing a fresh, objective look at the system. The review team can help the district compile and see data in a new light, then use the insights gained from that data for organizational enhancement.