Legal Services

The General Counsel is available to provide legal information to school superintendents. This includes advice on the roles, responsibilities, and duties of district school superintendents. The General Counsel also provides general advice on issues that may arise in school districts that have a statewide impact. Finally, the General Counsel is available for updates and interpretation of federal and state legislation.

Legislative Services

The Association provides extensive lobbying services before the Florida Legislature, Office of the Governor, State Board of Education, Department of Education and state agencies that impact public education.

Timely legislative and regulatory reports are available to members on at least a weekly basis during the regular legislative session and any special legislative session. A comprehensive final legislative report is available after the regular legislative session is complete. 

Detailed legislative briefings are held during Association meetings throughout the year.

The Florida Education Legislative Liaisons (FELL) – a coalition of school districts lobbyists working in conjunction for Florida’s public schools – is housed within the FADSS office in Tallahassee. This partnership with education advocates and lobbyists is an invaluable contribution to FADSS, as well as the general education community as a whole.

Legislative updates for individual districts are available upon request.